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Want to know how to save money calling overseas? Shop around! Rates vary widely! Our discount long distance company offers many different plans.

International Callback rates: International callback is a cost-effective method to lower your international calling costs by by-passing the local dial tone of a foreign (to US) country and accessing dial tone directly from the US, you will make your calls on domestic US lines by accessing low cost US dial tone from foreign countries.

The reason international calls are so expensive is that many of the countries you are calling are monopolies. The government makes a few cents, (well, more than few cents) on each call coming in or leaving the country.

One carrier can charge 45 cents a minute to call Canada, while another only charges 5 cents to Canada. One carrier charges 50 cents to call the United Kingdom while a second carriers’ fees are just 6 cents a minute to UK.

One carrier can charge the lowest rate ($0.49) you have ever seen to call India, and the same carrier may charge the highest rate you have ever found to call Pakistan.

International callback services can save our customers substantial money on calls from overseas countries to the US, or even between country calls. Money is saved because you bypass expensive, local dial tone and access cost effective US dial tone from any where in the world.

We offer three competitive programs that may meet your needs. For pricing information on our international callback rate plans please visit web page.

The callback procedure is simple. You complete an online application with one of the cost effective callback services. You are assigned an unlisted U.S. phone number that you will call from overseas and then hang up after one ring. Since you hang up BEFORE a connecting answer, there is no charge for the call. The number you called has caller ID and if you have pre-registered the number you are calling from our computer we will then IMMEDIATELY call you back. (Hey, that is where they get the name callback.)

You then dial the number you are calling and wait for the party to answer. After finishing your call, you simply hang up, or press a button on your phone to place another call.

When it rings you simply answer the phone and dial the number you wish to call along with your PIN code. That’s all there is to it. You will receive highly detailed instructions from which ever carrier you sign elect to use for international calling. All calls are completely automatic – no operator assistance is required.


  1. If you have a cellular phone when you travel, make the international callback ring to your cell phone. In this way, you always have US dial tone.
  2. If you have friends, family or business overseas, establish a callback account so they can you more cost effectively.
  3. When you sign-up for international callback, please note that the service is very flexible, and you use it only when you require callback service. Therefore if you are in a location or country with the local telecom giving a better rate for a neighboring country, just dial the normal way. This way using both the local telecom and callback service you will save on your international calls.

For pricing information on our international callback rate plans please visit web page.

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