Cheap International Calling Cards

What Are International Calling Cards?
International calling cards are a prepaid method of making a long distance (domestic or international) telephone call from a payphone, a landline or cell phone. Frequently you can save money on international calling by using a prepaid calling card. There are no monthly bills, no detailed statements, and no hassles.

Why Should I Use A International Calling Card?
· They are often much cheaper than the rate on your mobile cell plan or home long distance provider.
· They are much cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls.
· Your calls can be discrete as they won’t show up on your regular phone bill statement.
· You can budget your long distance calling costs.
· There are no monthly bills, and no detailed statements.

How Do International Calling Cards Work?
International calling cards are easy to use. Each international calling cards has a toll free number (or local access number). Each card has a “PIN” which is tied to your phone account number. Dial the toll free number, enter your “PIN” number, and you’ll be prompted to enter the international phone number that you are calling.

Can Be Used From Anywhere In The United States?
Yes. You can use your calling card from any touch-tone telephone. Some calling cards have extra charges for calls made from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Do I Need A Long Distance Carrier On My Phone To Use Calling Cards?
No. All international calling cards comes with a toll free number or local access number that can be dialed from any phone at no cost to you. You only pay for the per minute charge to your overseas county.