Hmm, with so many 1010 dial around plans – 10-10321, 10-10811, 10-10629, 10-10297 and 10-10220 – how do you pick the best one? Well, you have to look up rates for your specific calling patterns and understand how dial arounds work.

Dial around
is an alternative long distance service offered by many long distance carriers that allows you to access their network while keeping your existing long distance carrier. In the US and Canada each carrier has a unique seven digit code (PIC code). You can frequently obtain lower rates by bypassing, dialing around, your home or work primary long distance carrier. To do so simply dial the seven digit code of the dial around your desire before dialing a telephone number. Your call will then be routed to the dial around carrier that is associated with the code you dialed. In effect you are “dialing around” your primary long distance carrier. Please note that often you have to register with a dial around company to receive the lowest rates.

The answer, yes, maybe, sort of, and no. In many cases using a 1010 plan will save you money depending on when you make the majority of your calls, the number of long distance calls you make and where you are calling (in-state, state-to-state, or international). Go to our 1010 dial around rates page for pricing information.

1010 plans
require you to dial around (bypass) your existing long distance carrier, by using a code that corresponds to a specific long distance carrier. You can save money by switching your long-distance carrier for a particular call!

Dial Around Plans

Only 3.9 cents per minute for the first 10 minutes and only 4.9 cents per additional minute for all state-to-state calls anywhere in the USA. 10 minute minimum per call. No monthly fees. Excellent international rates.

Just 5.9 cents for all state-to-state calls, with no monthly fees and no minimums. Plus, low international rates.

Crazy Call
With Crazy Call you pay just 99 cents for all domestic calls up to 30 minutes and just 5 cents per minute thereafter. Simply register your phone number and start saving today. Easy & Convenient. No need to switch your service and No Monthly Fee!

Switched Services

Absolute Cents
1.9 cents per minute Introductory Rate!
All your state-to-state calls are just 1.9 cents per minute during your first 90-days of service AND the Minimum Usage Fee will be waived during this time period! In-state calls begin as low as 3.9 cents and vary by state. Absolute Cents is a great way for residential customers to save!

WorldWide Advantage
1.9 cents per minute Introductory Rate and Super Low International Rates!

All your state to state calls are just 1.9 cents per minute during your first 90-days of service! Instate calls begin as low as 3.9 cents and vary by state. Our lowest international rates are available with this plan. Offering you the world at your fingertips!

Advantage 10
Your Home & International Mobile Phone Service In One!
With Advantage 10 you will receive our 1.9 cents per minute introductory rate during your first 90-days of service, on all your state-to-state calls made from your home phone line AND $10 worth of FREE International calls made from your current mobile phone. In-state calls begin as low as 3.9 cents and vary by state. Now you can save while at home and on the go!

Penny Plan
5.9 cents per minute: Penny Plan
offers customers an affordable state-to-state per minute rate of 5.9 cents with no monthly fees or call minimums. Enjoy the same low rate all day, every day. In-state rates beginning as low as 4.4 cents and quality, affordable International rates you can count on. Also available with the WorldWide Advantage international enhancement!

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