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There are many discount long distance programs for your telephone calling needs.

You can select any of the following phone calling plans:

Switched Long Distance Service: Phone services with State-to-State (interstate calling) rates as low as 1¢/minute and no monthly fees will help you save money on your phone bill.

Top rated Amazon pay as you go phones.

Cellular And Cell Phone Calling Plans: Cheap cell phone service with a major brand cellular – PCS and paging providers offered at discount prices.

  • Internet Based Phone Calls
  • Local Calling Service
  • Toll Free 800 Service
  • Calling Cards & Phone Cards
  • International Calling Plans
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Free Long Distance Services
  • Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans

 The Best Prepaid Deal Online

I bought the cheapest pay-as-you-go option (Tracfone Pay As You Go) for me and just leave it all the time in my car, so I am never without a phone.In fact, since my wife just took that phone for her car, I just bought a second prepaid Tracfone for my car.

As a bonus, the cell phone integrates with the bluetooth via my car dashboard.

The only place I have found that offers this phone with TRIPLE minutes is Amazon, and a less than $100 is a deal.

If you amortize the the $100 over 3 years, that is about $3/m in hardware costs, and the prepaid phone costs me about $3 per month in usage fees (with the triple minutes for life feature).

The most interesting prepaid cell plans now include the iPhone pay as you go plan

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